My Ca$H 4 Test 

                               Exploding the "Myth and Mystery "
                  surrounding buying diabetic test strips

Firstly, we buy your extra, unused, non expireds boxes of diabetic test strips, selected brands above, and we pay you CASH on the spot. You get a reciept.
 We do not sell

diabetic test strips to individuals. Diabetic test strips are not pharmacuticals, they

are litmus papers that register in a meter to measure blood glucose levels.
            Why do we  pay for someones' extra boxes    
                     of diabetic testing strips?

A few years ago, I would have asked the same question. You must be familiar by now 

with lots of buyers for test strips. Why??? 
Diabetes in the USA alone is out of control.

In November 2010, diabetes was officially declared an epidemic .  Not following the 

long thought lines of heredity, this disease strikes more young children, teens, and

persons with no apparent family history.  While no reliable cure yet : diet ,exercise

and TESTING are the first lines of defense. 

Simple testing of ones blood glucose levels are usually done with diabetic testing

strips in conjunction with matching meters that determine the levels. Most meters are

given away, free. The "test strips" , are costly. Since a younger population is being

affected, medicare and medicaid are not options, and most people have no health

insurance to cover costs of these simple , (litmus papers), test strips, which can save

lives and help insure a more lasting health with this condition.

The Reality  
We and other buyers of diabetic test strips, collect hundreds of boxes. To do this ,

there are rules.                         


1)            No box can have the original seal broken or tampered with, for safety of

                 use by another, no individual vials can be collected.

2)            No box can be expired, preferably with a year or more expiration date

3)             Box must be clean, and in cosmetically good condition

4)             Boxes must have the approved NSD codes for use in the USA

5)             Boxes cannot have the WORDS medicare or medicade printed on physical   
          Then the boxes  are distributed to clearinghouses and wholesalers

             as, "RECLAIMED" boxes These ,"reclaimed boxes" once they have left the

original buyer are bought from you at a discount. Just like clothing. There are fairly

established reclaim amounts for each brand. More or less depending on the region of

the country.
       These , "reclaimed" boxes give the buyers,(like my cash rebates,

The persons who can not afford the retail price of testing materials get a deeply

discounted product  because they are deemed , RECLAIMED, and in some cases get

the product free . 

      These reclaimed boxes show up online deeply discounted, at shelters, free and

community clinics,  and many other venues. This is true recycling.  

                                               A Win/Win/Win !!!!!

1)We  buy somthing, you may not have use for,

(too many of, a stock pile because of death of a loved

one, you might just keep changing brands

2)You get a little cash for your trouble,

3)We get a rebate for the collection, 

4)End user gets an affordable product necessary to
help in continued healthy living.

             The mystery solved, myth clarified

One last note, if you do not exchange your extra

boxes for cash , please DONATE your boxes to an

area community service organization or others you

may know.

                               Thank You

                             , 1-888-415-0796
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